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Healthy Lifestyle the keys to wellness

As a doctor I realized that we can stay in health if we observe this 10 Simple Keys to Wellness. I wrote this for my patients to use  as a checklist to help them stay in health. It takes a lot of discipline for a person to stay in health and feel well. … Dr Low Lee Yong, CEO & Founder of MHC Asia Group

We read about how a few hundred people suffered from food poisoning rojak from a hawker stall at Geylang Serai. It pays to observe key No 10 which is to avoid crowded places and observe good person hugiene.

We are so used to taking the escalator in a shopping complex that we forgot how dirty the escalator belt is.

We are told to hold on to the escalator to prevent accident and injuries in case we slip and fall. But we forget the fact that many dirty hands have touched this dirty escalator belt which moves continuously as if to transfer the germs and dirts to the next person’s hand. I can imagine all the bacteria on the escalator belt when the person who used it before me sneezed and used the same hand to hold on to the escalator belt.

If you think this is a piece of good advice, do remember to stand firmly to avoid falling off the escalator !


1. I will love my health as wealth and I am prepared to invest in my  health
2. I will not smoke and drink in excess.
3. I will get vaccinated against all preventable diseases.
4. I will keep my BMI below 23 and watch my waist line.
5. I will eat a balanced diet and avoid food with too much fats, sugar  and salt.
6. I will maintain my blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels  within the normal range.
7. I will go for annual medical examination to detect diseases early.
8. I will exercise at least 3 times a week.
9. I will sleep at least 6 hours a day and learn to cope well with stress  by taking things easy.
10. I will avoid crowded places and observe good personal hygiene.

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