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Do Cell Phones Cause Health Problems?

In spite of research to the contrary, it was reported in a recent survey that more than forty percent of those who use mobile or “cell” phones are concerned about possible health problems. The same poll showed that even occasional users of cell phones were worried about their health because of their phone use.

This came on the heels of a recent study that revealed fundamental flaws in the government studies that tell us cell phones are safe to use. The study indicated that current regulations in place that protect those who use cell phones actually put people in unnecessary harm from radiation or microwave exposure. Some studies have decided that exposure to the amount of microwave radiation you get from cell phones is too much. This is a big blow to the industry that makes mobile phones and should be a wakeup call, researchers say, to all who use cell phones regularly.

One researcher, who lectures physics in a US University indicates that the body consists of living cells that are sensitive to the frequency of the radiation you get from cell phones and the intensity can generate a small amount of heat in the tissue the phone comes in contact with.

Brainwaves can be disrupted from the low frequency microwave radiation that is emitted from cell phones and you can get symptoms including anxiety, loss of memory and poor concentration—a constellation of symptoms many cell phone users complain of. The current guidelines, researchers say, are inadequate to predict the effect of microwave radiation on the human brain in cell phone users. The biggest problem is neglecting the fact that we, as a cluster of living cells, behave differently in response to microwave radiation when compared to non-living tissue.

The poll mentioned above was paid for by a company that makes a device that protects users from mobile phone use. With almost half of the population using cell phones, this research, if valid, means that a lot of people could use such a device but the fact that the company commissioned the poll is, of course, suspect.

On the other side of the controversy, the relevant authorities are claiming that the study indicating problems with cell phones and radiation was not statistically accurate and shouldn’t be used in the discussion of whether or not cell phones cause brain damage or brain cancer.

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